Get your Neighbours Internet

I came across this tool which can hack into a WiFi access point in the neighbourhood and get the WEP key. I have not tried the tool myself but consider this an inidcator of the fact that each one of us who use wi-fi connections, whether at home or at work, do need to bother about its security. The tools for hacking are becoming ubiquitous and easier to use by the day.

WEP has been a standard for wi-fi security for long. Although it has been replaced by much secure WPA, a large number of WLAN gears still support WEP and is widely used by those who have made investments in them. The inherent weakness in WEP has also been exploited to devise new attacks like Caffe-Latte attack.

I think with such hacking tools being easily available, all wi-fi users must bother about the risks of data security breach even if they use security features provided with the Access Points.

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Bob said...

See ALERT:WPA isn't necessarily secure
I also found a tool to crack WPA.