Configured Newsreel for WLAN Security - part 2

This is in continuation of my previous blog on the 4 Newsreel items I noticed when configuring the blogspot settings. In that blog I talked about the first 2 items.

The third item of Newsreel was about a press release from AirMagnet mention that they also received "Positive" rating in Gartner's Marketscope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems. The press release suggests that there are two flavors of security needs - one requiring vulnerability assessments and monitoring of WLANs, and other providing detection and active blocking of potential attacks.

As per the press release -
According to Gartner’s recent MarketScope, analysts estimate that global revenues in the WLAN intrusion prevention system market grew from $40 million in 2006 to $119 million in 2007 and that it will reach $168 million by year-end 2008. Moreover, “Most enterprises have moved rapidly from trying to keep WLANs out of their organizations to fully embracing them widely across all corporate facilities… So, although the wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) market has reached the early mainstream phase, it continues to be a dynamic market where new features are needed with each product release.”

So Gartner's study confirms that there is indeed a market for WLAN security and is growing with multiple providers - some of them mentioned in the report.

The last item of Newsreel was about a press release from AirDefense, they have also received "Positive" rating in the report.

As per this press release -
According to Gartner's findings, wireless remains a potentially significant vulnerability for enterprises, as a continuing stream of WLAN-based security incidents demonstrate. Gartner expects the WLAN intrusion prevention market to grow to nearly $170 million by year's end.

From these newsreel items, there is a clear message from Gartner that WLAN security is a growing concern and enterprises are increasingly spending more every year to protect themselves. Earlier enterprises tried to keep wireless away form their premises but now widely using them and also spending on security gear.

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