Is Wi-Fi security required?

It took more time than I would have imagined but my new blog is up and running.

A friend of mine, who has recently spent on WLAN Access Points, asked whether he should also spend on Wi-Fi security. Naturally he was less than interested in throwing money on something that is not required. I can call my friend to be tech savvy but I reckon WLAN is a new concept and security is anyways subject matter for experts only.

My general sense tells me that one should definitely care for security, no matter what kind of connectivity one has - wired or wireless. Once I begin relying on a connection, I would like to be sure that it is up whenever I need and that nobody hacks into my computer through that connection. Not that I work on NASA projects but I do access my client records and go to sites that have my personal information. What if that information is leaked?

I guess the security considerations are different when using wireless as compared to when using wired connection. My friend does not completely agree with me and I am not an expert either. So thought why not start a new blog to learn and share about Wi-Fi Security.

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Bob said...

Your general sense is fine but security does not come for free. Also it is not something that you install and lean-back. You constantly need to monitor. All this becomes a costly proportion. Not only capital but also operating.
In this time of cost cutting, I don't know who has budget to install/enable security. Do you go for a general health checkup or purchase a general/medical insurance when you do not have enough money for survival?